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About us

We are the ones!
Millions - behind us –
Storm like river in the spring.
We are the ones –
Young and free.
„Support” –it is in our hearts



Syndicate “Education” with ”Podkrepa” Confederation of Labor was established in December 1989, immediately after the democratic changes in Bulgaria. In this almost 20-years-period of history it has become a factor of the government policy in the field of education and has won its prestigious place in the social-political life of Bulgaria.

Syndicate “Education” aims the defence of rights, dignity and professional interests of its members. It works for democratization, humanization and deideology of education in Bulgaria, through democratic changes in the legislation, management and administration of education.

Syndicate “Education” with ”Podkrepa” represents its members before the Employers, authorities and government bodies, public organizations and institutions. It participates in collective labor negotiations together with the employers at all levels, stipulated by the Labor Code.

Syndicate “Education” with ”Podkrepa” renders competent juridical support and arbitrates in cases of arguments between its members and employers.

The Syndicate organizes and leads protesting actions of its members at significant breaches of the interest of thos working in the field of education.It also organizes and holds seminar for education of its members.

Syndicate “Education” with ”Podkrepa” acts on the territory of the country and abroad, wherever the local legislation allows this activity. We have built up regional structures in all big towns in Bulgaria.


International activity